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Thick jute rope.

  1. Braided Eyelet – No mounting bracket required.
  2. Material: Durable Manila.
  3. Diameter: 1.5″. Rope Length: 15′./ 12′


  • STURDY BRAIDED ROPE: Gym Climbing Rope is constructed of heavy-duty sisal rope. This climbing rope provides a good feel with easy grip.
  • GYM EXERCISE ROPE: Excellent rope for all kinds of exercises, such as climbing, up-down waves, tug-of-war, etc. It can be used to improve grip strength, develop upper body, and enhance the coordination & agility.
  • HEAT SHRINK END CAPS: Climbing Rope features heat shrink end cap with a high-quality black rubber cover to prevent fraying, as well as provide better grip and protection for your hands


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