USI Universal’s soft plyo box is the topmost category when it comes to jump training and conditioning. It is one of the best qualities as it is made of tough nylon coated material and put the athletes on lesser risk while training on them. They can stored and stacked together for increasing height when one goes higher in practice. They are amalgamated with a soft and stable surface which won’t scrape your skin, thus you can perform your plyometric workout better.

  • Adjustable: USI’s soft plyo box can be easily adjusted to the height you wish. Dense Velcro padding height is available so you can determine the height as you practice hard. It comes in four heights to take your pick: 15cm (6 inches), 30cm (12 inches), 45 cm (18 inches), 60cm (24 inches).

  • Multiple workouts: USI’s soft plyo box is just the thing you need for jumps, box-squats, step-ups and cross training workouts. These boxes can also be used by advanced athletes to work upon improving the depth of their squat and also beginners who are starting their jump routines.

  • Stability: It is all the more better to protect your shins and joints when you jump onto a soft surface which can absorb the impact of the jump. This way you can perform plyometric exercises more safely. USI’s soft plyo box guarantees stability while doing your workouts, especially for top-tier athletes.


  • Easy to moveUSI’s soft plyo box is easy for movement as they come with comfortable handles on the sides, so you can place them anywhere you wish.

Material:  USI’s soft plyo is made up of tough nylon coated material which has 550 GSM.




  • 6″/15cm
  • 12″
  • 18″
  • 24″


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