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Terms & Condition
Terms & Conditions

It is mandatory for seller to mention GST No. of buyer in tax invoice to enable buyer to avail input credit of GST paid. Therefore, it is in your interest to provide your GST No. before tax invoice is generated.

The rates are given as per present rules. Taxes will be levied as per rules in effect on the date of delivery.

Notify us immediately in the event of the mathematical or typing error found in the Quotation or Proforma Invoice.

Highly Recommended: Always fix the machines to the ground with anchor fasteners.

After expiration of the warranty period as stated above, we shall no longer accept warranty claims and all obligations for warranty shall terminate.

It is agreed that the Delivery of the ordered equipment shall be delivered as per the issued Purchase Order. It may change in case of Public holidays / Weekly off.

If Buyers fail to take the delivery in the stipulated period as per the Purchase order / Proforma Invoice/ Quotation Terms, then the Delivery of equipment would be further delayed by 60 Days.

If the Equipment is not installed at the time of Delivery, there would be 3% installation charges of total value and the traveling expenses and accommodation of our engineer / technician shall be borne by the buyer on actual. GST 18% is applicable on installation charges and other expenses.

Stabilizer should be provided at the time of Installation of the Treadmill; else the Warranty of the Treadmill stands cancelled.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all times.

  1. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. All the dumbbells & weight plates might have the tolerance level (+/-) of 5% to 7% and does not carry any warranty or guarantee.
  3. We reserve the right to change any designs and specifications when we feel the product will be improved.
  4. All are Ex-Factory prices.
  5. Equipment are to be unloaded by the buyer at the delivery site.
  6. Any breakage, damage and pilferage in transit due to accident or any other reasons shall be borne by the buyer.
  7. Warranty repair, replacement or re-performance by us in respect of defective equipment shall not extend or renew the applicable warranty period.
  8. This warranty will not cover (a) any defects or malfunction in the equipment that result from the installation, storage, usage, operation and maintenance by the buyer or third persons, (b) equipment that have been repaired or modified by the buyer or any non-authorized person or without following our instructions regarding maintenance, (c) normal wear and tear of the product, (d) any loss, personal injury, damage in property caused by installation, storage, usage, operation and maintenance of the equipment by the buyer or third parties or (e) any damage or defects in the equipment that result from fortuitous facts and force majeure.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel the order or any part thereof if a stoppage at our factory occurs due to fire, strikes, lockout, force majeure or from any other cause or cases beyond our control or from any cause or causes due to acts or demands of the Government or as a consequence of war or our break of hostilities.
  10. Our authorized representatives shall be allowed to inspect the site of delivery at any stage.
  11. All items manufactured by us according to our blueprints, drawings, designs, manufacturing data, specifications or information pertaining to therein furnished to the buyer by us shall not be utilized by the buyer or anyone on his behalf for sale, manufacture or for any other purpose save as agreed by seller in writing.
  12. If the equipment do not meet the conditions set out herein, and the buyer requires the defective/ damaged equipment, to be repaired or replaced, then we may, at our option repair or replace the equipment, costs for which shall be borne by the buyer.
  13. Equipment rejected / cancelled / delayed for any reason in terms of this contract will remain at our premises at buyer's risk and cost.
  14. Equipment covered by this order shall be duly insured by the buyer.
  15. Any terms and conditions rescinding, adding to or altering the terms of this order subsequently shall always be in writing. All such additions, alterations or deletions shall be deemed to be incorporated herein and made part of this order.
  16. In the event of any breach of this contract on the part of the buyer, the buyer agrees to compensate in such manner as may be reasonably determined.
  17. It is agreed that any dispute arising in respect of this order shall be decided by a competent Court in Mumbai Jurisdiction.
  18. The Prices & Taxes mentioned in quotation are indicative and valid for 15 days from the date of quotation. In all other cases Prices & Taxes prevailing at the time of delivery will be applicable.
  19. Transportation charges, service charges and any other levies, local taxes as mentioned in a Quotation are indicative and same may vary as per actual charges incurred at the time of delivery.
  20. The company shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of equipment due to strike, riot, civil commotion, accident, machinery breakdown resulting in production delay, government policies, acts of God and nature, pandemic and all events beyond the control of the Company.
  21. Please send us your Purchase Order in favor of JFPL based on PI / Quotation dully filled & signed along with copy of your PAN Card & GST Number, Billing Address & Delivery Address for execution of your order at our end.


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